Wood shock is an antiquated term used in the late 19th century to classify a person who is genuinely lost in the wilderness. Christiansen has adopted the terminology to expand on themes of hunting and nature.
Wood Shock is a collection of freestanding sculptures and wall-mounted assemblages that pursue points of intersection between humans, their environments and proximity to nature. Using hunting as an ideological point of departure, Christiansen hunts and gathers materials found in and around the cities he has lived in order to create life and larger-than-life sized animals, skulls and reliquaries, all in homage to the secret lives we live. Through a ritualistic process of gathering, deconstructing and assembling, the works in Wood Shock transform discarded and abandoned objects in alleyways and dumpsters into prized mementos.
Exhibit generously sponsored by Denny Gemeny, South Dakota Arts Council and the Rapid City Arts Council.

Curated by Denise Du Broy
February 19 - May 21, 2016
Dahl Fine Arts Center
Rapid City, South Dakota